Discover Guadeloupe at the wheel of a SSV Buggy in complete freedom!

Playful and agile in all circumstances, your best asset for a discovery out of bounds


Thanks to the on board 7" GPS specially programmed for you, go off road on varied courses. Enjoy the best: Crossings, fordings, quick sections ...

Fasten your seat-belt!



Enjoy one of the most beautiful islands, coastlines and inner lands, points of view, spots and beaches, which are inaccessible to classic vehicles ...

A unique and unmissable experience



No guide, no one to wait, no pace to take if not your, go freely everywhere you want, according to your desires.

Stop when you want, get off a course, enjoy a swim, a coconut sorbet ...

Our buggies :

Our buggies :

Automatic transmission / 4WD / dif lock
Power steering, Electric winch...

SSV : Side by Side Vehicle: a vehicle from a new generation, pure hybrid between an ATV and a buggy: manoeuvrability and performance of one, safety and comfort of the other.
For a cool ride or an extreme adventure, with a flexibility of driving on road and a lively character with furious off-road skills, these machines know how to seduce thanks to their ease of access... Fun guaranteed!

Requirements : 25 years old minimum, 5 years driving experiment minimum

For all tastes, all desires:

As off-road lovers, we opened and selected our tracks to offer you a varied experience, trying to take advantage of the best of the machine and our environment, and for share with you what we feel at the wheel of our buggies. The tracks are suggestive, you can follow them, or not. One way or the other (it is even advisable, test you will see it is completely different...!) It give a direction, take you easily to game sites where evolve serenely. The more adventurous of us will take an alternative route, stay on an area, a slope or a ravine for example take a picture with a wheel in the air: We already make that... or will attempt an epic and glorious passage in a muddy cane field like you've never seen before: we already experienced it too... For each one his own adventure!

Easy tracks

on road, forest paths, coasts lines...

Real Off-road

coulees, cane fields, rocky trails...

Super hard sections

For purists or those who want to try the impossible!

Points of view

On the island and its sisters, the north and its cliffs...

Points of interest

Beaches, bays, monuments...

Before the starting:

As soon as you arrive at our base and after completing and signing the rental agreement, we spend together the time necessary to prepare your day trip. We speak about the technical and mechanical aspects of the vehicles (their automatic gearbox, the functions and use of the 4WD mode, the control and the use of the winch for the purists ...), we will accord some time to explain the use of the on-board GPS (see your position, zoom, change map, rotate the map in real time, types of courses and their colour according to their level). We will also talk about instructions to ride safely and smartly, content and points of interest of our tracks and our beautiful island. After fifteen minutes of explanations, exchange and handling of the buggy, you can leave serene: a small memo in your glove box will help you remember all the facts. We are of course for the duration of your trip reachable and at your service: for a good place to eat, or to help you get out of a mud bath, we are here for you! :)

Rates :

Per day Free rental:


 70€ / each

(driver or passenger)

Card deposit : 1000€


Long time rental

+ than one day, 


For all or a part of your stay 

Decreasing prices

Special requests :

- Initiation

- EXTREME tour

- Thrilling run


Trip "à la carte" with guide

No stress is the holidays!

Collections and returns are at any time you want between 9am and 4:30pm (5pm in low season). Just need a phone call to warn us... We operate as a tourist car rental agency, fueling / fast cleaning (in case of excessive mud) are to be done before returning to the base for the checkout. We will take care of these operations if you wish for even more freedom, just consult us ...

An unique adventure on 4 wheels...